Preparation of complete design documents, from basic documents, studies over documents for territorial decision and for legal authority construction permit, up to final design documentation. We utilized CAD software plus additional engineering software including computer simulation.

  • Complete production units for diverse processes including supporting and utility offsite equipment
  • Gas compression stations, pumping stations for various liquids
  • Storage tank yards for liquids or solids
  • Pneumatic and conveyor systems for solid materials
  • Packaging and skid mounted units (drying, peletizing, packing)
  • Documentation of instrumentation and control systems
  • Design of royalty meters by Czech Law No. 505/90
  • Adsorption, absorption units for dangerous gas/vapor re-moval. Thermal and catalytic incineration of effluent gases
  • Chemical pre-processing of industrial waste water
  • Hazardous and Toxic material detection and monitoring,process analyzers



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