PENTO – engineers and contractors

PENTO Ltd. was established in 1992 by founders being a group of specialists with long experience in chemical industry. Main company activity lies in EPC contracting in refineries and within chemical, petrochemical, gas and power industries, as well as within food, glass and fat industries. PENTO Ltd. has highly professional engineering staff, which enables the company to realize technological "turnkey projects" for best reputed chemical and petrochemical producers (e.g. Česká rafinérská, Unipetrol RPA, Synthos, Spolana, Paramo, Preol, Lovochemie etc.). Engineering department dispose of all key professional specialists – process, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, civil.


The company´s continually growing potential resulted in the founding of a subsidiary in 1996. This company, called PENTO SERVICE Ltd., is a production and installation unit providing operative and high-quality realization of projects within the fields of measuring and regulation, control systems and electrical in chemical industry.

In the course of its existence, PENTO Ltd. has always recorded a stable increase in output without having to rely on foreign resources. The result is financial stability and a strong position on the market. These are based mainly on strong emphasis on work quality and expedience in both project and realization phases of the company´s services.



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